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Jim McLendon
Drummer, dancer on rare occasions…manager of the band   

A co-founder of the Grapevine in 1987, music has always been a part of his life, playing with local bands since the age of 14. Music remained a part of his work life also as he was the Managing Partner for WMAZ AM 949 and 99WAYS Radio, retiring in 1997 to become VP/GM of Cox Media of Middle Georgia. Jim says every show is another “slice of heaven and it is always a fun time seeing the crowd react to The Grapevine Band. I don’t think any other local band can get the crowd up dancing and partying like The Grapevine Band does!” Jim is grateful to his wife, Jean, for allowing him to “go have fun with the guys 40 weekends a year”. He is also thankful that Jean and another band member’s wife helped name the band.

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